The Basics of Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Until recently, no medical exam life insurance had a bad reputation and was considered a bad investment. But people soon began to understand the basics of life insurance no medical exam and realized that there are some advantages available.

senior life insurance is easy to botaniPlus, it is the only insurance type capable to provide protection for some categories of people.  So, do not treat no exam life insurance with superficiality.  Learn more about it and its benefits.  And if it is the only policy you qualify for, do not hesitate to apply for it.

Age and current health status are the most important criterions of selection for any insurance company. But for standard policies, there are severe limitations. You must not be over a certain age and you must be healthy.  Medical test are usually required, in order to confirm your claims and eligibility.

No exam life insurance policies do not have the same strict limitations regarding age and health. There are 3 major types of no exam life insurance and each one has its own features: simplified issue no exam life insurance, guaranteed issue no exam life insurance and final expense life insurance.

The first type, simplified issue provides coverage for maxim 20 years and you can purchase it as an alternative for term life insurance.  However, this policy is accessible for those that do not have major medical problems, like a terminal disease or cancer.  In order to qualify for it, you must answer to several medical questions.

Based on your answers, the company will decide if they should provide coverage or not.  Guaranteed life insurance provides permanent protection for those with more serious disabilities or diseases, but the premiums will be expensive and there death benefits will be paid gradually to the beneficiaries.  Final expense life insurance is a very cheap policy that saves money with the sole purpose of immediate refunding them when the policyholder dies.

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